The Crab & The Monkey II | Bière De Coupage | 7,5% | 37,5cl



Name: The Crab & The Monkey II
Style: Bière de Coupage

Bier cat. I | 7.5% ABV | 37,5cl | Contains/bevat Gluten

Ingredients/Ingredienten: Malt/Mout (Pils, Munich, Rye, Oat, Wheat, Rauch), Hops (Hallertau Blanc, Perle, Herkules), yeast/gist (KH saison blend, Lactobacillus, YB amalgamation)

This bière de coupage is a blend of our beloved saison forte and a saison that matured for over a year in two of our funky house barrels. The result is a luxurious and dry beer, with aromas of citrus and red fruit, with a subtle funk and sourness rounding out the palate.