Steed of the Sea | Wild Ale w/ Herbs | 75cl


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Name: Steed of the Sea

Style: Wild Ale with Herbs

Bier cat. I | 6.5% ABV | 75cl | Contains/bevat Gluten

Ingredients/Ingredienten: Water, Malt/Mout (ale, raw wheat, oat, flaked barley), Hops (Pahto),Yeast/Gist (KH Saison Blend, JK house culture), Texas Lemon Bee Balm, Utrecht Mugwort

This is a transcontinental collaboration if there ever was one. Not only did we build a recipe together with Jester King, but they also brought Lemon Bee Balm from their Texas ranch. While brewing we foraged local Mugwort around the brewery. The beer was first fermented with our signature saison blend, after which we added their unique mixed house culture. The result is an expressive, slightly sour beer wherein the citrus-fruity flavours of the yeast blend with complex herbal aromas of spearmint, oregano and lemon thyme.