Marinus | Wild Lichtenhainer w/ Cranberries | 75cl



Please note 75cl bottles ship separately

Name: Marinus
Style: Wild Lichtenhainer w/ Cranberries

Bier cat. II | 4.8% ABV | 75cl | Contains/bevat Gluten

Ingredients/Ingredienten: Water, Malt (Pils, Oak Smoked Malted Wheat), Hops (Aged Hops), Yeast (WY1968, Wild Brew Sour Pitch, Schneeeeule House culture), Cranberries

At Funkfest 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting Schneeeule from Berlin. They are one of our favourite breweries and we love how they brew German sour beerstyles with their own idiosyncratic twist.
Together we made a lichtenhainer using their house culture and added cranberries. The result is an unapologetically sour beer with a smokey touch, with the cranberries adding a tart sweetness.