Log Sucker | Black Coffee IPA | 5%



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Name: Log Sucker
Style: Black Coffee IPA

Cat. I | 5% ABV | 33cl

Ingredients/Ingredienten: Malt/Mout (Pale, Munich, Cara, Roast), Hops (Columbus, El Dorado), Yeast/gist (US-05), coffee (Kelloo Gogugu)

For our second collaboration with Keen Coffee for the Dutch Aeropress Championship we made a black coffee IPA. The beer is based on the
recipe of our legendary Inktvis. We tweaked the roastiness and the hop profile to complement the fruitiness and acidity of the Ethiopian Kelloo Gogugu festival coffee.

Keen came in to brew the coffee with as much care as your sunday morning pour over. We named the beer after the native Garra Aethiopica, also known as the Ethiopean Log Sucker.

Plunge into a cold can today!

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