Les Perles Du Homard | Saison Forte | 8%


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Name: Les Perles Du Homard
Style:Saison Forte

Bier cat. S | 8,0% ABV | 33cl | Contains/bevat Gluten

Ingredients/Ingrediënten: Water, Mout/Malt (Pils, Wheat, Munich), Hops (HBC682), Yeast/gist
(WY3724+WY3711), suiker/sugar

Saisons are all about the yeast. It’s the specific strains and relatively long fermentation that create the complex spicy, fruity esters and dryness. We used to two classic strains, a “Belgian” and a “French” one to create that classic Saison experience. We are quite
satisfied with it, as it has turned into a luxurious and complex beer. We thought it suitable to give it a fancy french name. We proudly present: Les Perles Du Homard.

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