Lactic Fantastic Medlars | Brett Sour w/ Medlars | 5% | 37,5cl


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Name: Lactic Fantastic Medlars
Style: Brett Sour with Medlars

37,5cl bottle

Cat. II | 5% ABV | | contains/bevat gluten
Ingredients/Ingredienten: malt/mout (pale, wheat, biscuit, organic unmalted emmer), fruit (Mispel / Medlar) , yeast/gist (KH House Blend)

Lactic Fantastic is our sour fruit beer series. The base beer is soured pre-boil with Lactobacillus and fermented with our house blend. The fruit is added in royal but not overwhelming amounts, differing with each fruit. The result is a fruity, sour beer that is refreshing and balanced, with the yeast character providing depth and evolving flavours. This version was brewed in winter when not much fresh fruit abounds. Our friends at Brouwerij Hommeles came to the rescue with a harvest of medlars from their orchard! Medlars are a cousin of the apple, popular in medieval times and now mostly forgotten.