Kreeftwerk | Wild Lichtenhainer w/ Peaches | 75cl


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Name: Kreeftwerk
collaboration with Wilder Wald
Style: Wild Lichtenhainer with Peach

Bier cat. II | 4,5% ABV | 75cl | Contains/bevat Gluten
Ingredients/Ingrediënten: Water, Mout/Malt (Pils, Rauch, Smoked Wheat), Hops (Spalter Select), Yeast/gist (Mudking), Peach

For Carnival Brettanomyces 2018 (our favourite beerfestival) we invited German homebrewer, beer historian and yeast-maniac Benedikt Koch of Wilder Walt to brew something outrageous. We decided on a Lichtenhainer, with a funky twist. Lichtenhainer is a historical German style, originally a slightly sour pale beer brewed with smoked malts and soured with lactic acid bacteria. We used Mud King, an ever evolving blend of wild yeasts and bacteria, for fermentation and then added peach puree to it. It is dry, fruity with subtle peachy and smokey flavours. Crazy, yet delicious!