Jonah & The Whale | Barrel-Aged Keeping Porter | 75cl



Please note 75cl bottles ship separately

Name: Jonah & The Whale
Style: Barrel-Aged Keeping PorterĀ 

Bier cat. S | 8.5% ABV | 75cl | Contains/bevat Gluten

Ingredients/Ingredienten: Water, Malt/Mout (Pale, Munich, Crystal, Oats,
Chocolate, Roast), Hops (Endeauvour), Yeast/Gist (WY1469, WY5526 )

While in the belly of our barrels this porter meets our house cultures and finds depth and character. The result is a luxurious porter with notes of chocolate, caramel, plums, dates and coffee. A beer to savour, whether now or in 5 years.