Hoppy Haring 12-pack | 33cl

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You love yourself some Haring IPA? Well, get in line for our Hoppy Haring 12-pack! It comprises of Twisted Kipper, Mudskipper V10 & Warmouth V5 – 3 different beers with different hop combinations and yeast character but joined together in their overload of hops, now only 39 euros.

The first beer in the pack is a true Haring favorite, our Twisted Kipper, an IPA brewed with Sacch. Trois yeast for a feast of fruity flavours. This years edition has Citra, Idaho7, El Dorado, Centennial and Columbus hops. Both New England IPAs in this pack are celebrating a lustrum. Our Mudskipper series has a nice bitter touch to it that increases drinkability and for V10 we added Idaho7 and Belma hops. Our Warmouth series uses a unique yeast blend made by Bootleg Biology, giving the beer expressive spicy tropical flavours and a finish that is a bit more dry. V5 combines the original Cryo Pop blend by Yakima Chief with Idaho 7 and Columbus hops.

This pack contains:
4x 33cl Twisted Kipper, Trois IPA, 6.3%
4x 33cl can Mudskipper V10, NEIPA, 5.5%
4x 33cl can Warmouth V5, Bootleg NEIPA, 6.3%