Griset | Dry-Hopped Grisette | 4%

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Name: Griset
Style: Dry-hopped Grisette

Bier cat. II | 4.0% ABV | 33cl | Contains/bevat gluten
Ingredients/Ingredienten: Water, Malt/Mout (Pils, Vienna, Unmalted Spelt), Hops (Polaris, Perle, Lemondrop), Yeast/Gist (KH Saison Blend)

Griset is a lightly dry-hopped grisette we release for the summer season. A staff favourite, it is an utterly drinkable beer that is low in alcohol and has a rustic character from our saison yeast blend. The unmalted spelt provides a pleasant grainy base and the dry-hop completes the beer with subtle citrusy flavours. Quench that thirst!

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Six-pack (6), Whole box (24)