Go Wild like a Haring | Masterclass with Stephen Grigg on Mixed Fermentation


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Want to support our Brewpub ánd learn something? Join one of our masterclasses.

Go Wild Like A Haring | Masterclass by Stephen Grigg on Mixed Fermentation

We have a reputation of going a bit wild in our brewery. We love working with wild yeasts and bacteria and age beers in a variety of ways. We want to share this knowledge with you in a sunday session where Stephen will go in depth into the Haring approach to brewing “wild” or mixed fermentation beers.

How to design a beer for mix fermentation? Which wild yeasts are out there? How do we work with fruits and additives? How do different Brett strains work? How does Lacto sour? What ways are there to age beers? How do you brew these beers alongside clean ones?

The masterclass will be 15 persons max and on a date to be determined when the brewpub is open again (when attendance is not possible for whatever reason, we will reimburse your ticket). Language is English.

A bit of advanced knowledge about brewing is required. A love for Wild beers a must!