Fugu | Saison w/ Yuzu | 33cl

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Title: Fugu
Style: Saison with Yuzu

ABV: 6.5%
Bier Cat. I | 6.5 % ABV | 33cl | Contains/Bevat Gluten

Water, Malt/Mout (Pils, Rye, Rauch, Malted Oats), Hops (HBC682, Spalter Select), Yeast/Gist

Made with our neighbours of restaurant De Klub, Fugu is a complex saison with added Yuzu
juice. It combines interesting bitter and lemony flavours with the spicy yeast character of the
Belgian and French saison yeast strains we used. We added a bit of smoke because both we
and chef Jasper love smoked things. It is a beer to pair with the awesome culinary creations of
De Klub, but also a refreshing beer for drinking in the sun!

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