Cuttlefish Idaho7 – Simcoe | Trois Session IPA | 33cl

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Name: Cuttlefish Idaho7 – Simcoe
Style: Trois Session IPA

Bier cat. II | 4% ABV | 33cl | Contains/bevat Gluten
Ingredients/Ingredienten: Water, Malt/Mout (pale, wheat, oats), Hops (Idaho7, Simcoe), Yeast/Gist (WLP644)

We named this beer after the small but feisty cuttlefish, because this trois session IPA also packs a lot of character in a small package. The cuttlefish is known as a colourful shape-shifter: Our favourite trois yeast and the changing dry-hop will dazzle and impress just like our little Cephalopod-friend.

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