Curimba | Brett Sour Saison w/ Peaches | 7% | 75cl


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Name: Curimba
Style: Brett Sour Saison w/ White Peaches

Bier cat. I | 7,0% ABV | 75cl | Contains/bevat GlutenContains/bevat Gluten

Ingredients/Ingrediënten: Water, Mout/Malt (Pale, Wheat, Dextrin), Hops (Herkules, Hallertau Blanc), Yeast/gist (KH House Blend IV), white peaches.

Curimba is our irregular series of Bretted saisons with fruit. The beer combines multiple yeast strains that all impart different flavours to the beer. After a couple of months of maturation, we have aged it further on fresh white peaches. The result is a complex beer with tart, fruity and funky flavours.