Come Hell or High Water (Cambrian Series) | Funky Saison | 5,6% | 75cl


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Name: Come Hell or High Water (Cambrian Series)
Style: Funky Saison

Cat. I | 5.6% ABV | 75cl | contains/bevat gluten

Ingredients/ Ingredienten: Malt/ Mout (Rye, Pale, Pils, Munich), Hops (Aged Premiant, BE Goldings, BE Cascade, Lemondrop), yeast/gist (EL Spooky Saison / Bootleg Funk Weapon II)

Come Hell or High Water is a complex, full-bodied, yet dry and drinkable, this funky saison. The earthy notes of the rye malt are complemented with the hay and meadow aromas from the aged hops and a rustic, spicy yeast quality. The fresh hops and Brett provide an intriguing citrusy fruitiness. Drink this now or age it a year and let the funk come to prominence.