Brew like a Haring | Masterclass with Stephen Grigg


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Want to support our Brewpub ánd learn something? Join one of our masterclasses.

BREW LIKE A HARING | Masterclass with Stephen Grigg 

Without the knowledge and expertise of Stephen Grigg, co-owner and brewmaster, our beers would not be as unique. We want to share this knowledge on 2 sunday afternoon sessions where Stephen will go in depth into the Haring approach to brew our beers.

As you probably know we brew a wide variety of styles. Stephen goes into details about how he designs recipes, which choices we make when brewing a certain style. Which grains to use in a Saison, how to add hops to our NEIPA, when to use which yeast culture and what we do when we go wild? He is open to all questions. Of course sample beers are provided.

The masterclasses will be 15 persons max and on a date to be determined when the brewpub is open again (when attendance is not possible for whatever reason, we will reimburse your ticket). Language is English.

Some basic knowledge about beer and brewing is required.