Barrel-Aged Beluga Ruadh Moar | BA Russian Imperial Stout | 11%


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Name: Barrel-Aged Beluga Ruadh Moar
Style: BA Russian Imperial Stout

Cat. S | 11% ABV | 33cl | contains/bevat gluten

Ingredients/Ingredienten: Malt/Mout (Pale, Oat, Crystal, Brown, Chocolate, Black, Roast), Hops (Columbus, EK Goldings), Yeast/Gist (US-05)

Beluga is a bold, roasted Russian Imperial Stout. Complex and luxurious, we get the requisite chocolate and coffee flavours, but enriched with subtle hints of leather and dried fruits. Take your time to savour this beer, as it needs rumination, and just might provoke deeper contemplation.

We occasionally barrel-age this beer to add heaps of character. The Ruadh Moar barrels provides intense aromas of peat, vanilla, prune & gingerbread.

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