Barbarian Fishing V14 | New England DIPA | 8%

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Name: Barbarian Fishing V14
Style: New England DIPA

Cat. S | 8% ABV | 33cl | contains/bevat gluten

Ingredients/Ingredienten: malt/mout (Maris Otter, Oat, Chit, Wheat), Hops (Talus, Galaxy), sugar, yeast/gist (Wyeast 1318)

Into the boat!
Our favourite barbarian returns.

“V14 features fine English Maris Otter as the base malt, combined with oats, wheat and chit malt to build the ever-creamy body. The hop combination of Talus (heady pine resin, stone fruit) and Galaxy (intense passionfruit, mango) bounces a newer American variety off the best of classic Australian. Crikey, dude!”
– Stephen Grigg, Head brewer

Dangerously drinkable!

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Single (1), Six-pack (6), Whole box (24)