Barbarian Fishing v12 | NEDIPA | 33cl




Name: Barbarian Fishing v12
Style: New England DIPA
ABV: 8%

Ingredients/Ingredienten: malt/mout (pale, oats, wheat, dextrin), Hops (Talus, Azacca), sugar, yeast/gist (Wyeast 1318)

Into the boat!
Our favourite barbarian returns.

Version 12 of our Barbarian features Talus hops for the first time. Talus delivers a heady citrus peel punch. Also in the mix is Azacca, balancing the Talus zest with softer orange and tropical flavours. The base beer remains loadede with creamy oats for a full, chewy texture.
-Stephen Grigg, Head brewer

Dangerously drinkable!

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