Ancient Mariner | BA Double Grisette | 7% | 75cl



Name: Ancient Mariner
Style: Barrel-Aged Double Grisette
ABV: 7%

Ingredients/ Ingredienten: malt/ mout (Pils, Maris Otter, Rye, Wheat, Dextrin), Hops (Perle, Saaz), yeast/gist (Ontario Farmhouse Blend)

In 2019 we brewed this recipe with Dave Janssen of Hors Catégorie brewing for the first time. He is our oceanographer/beerhistorian/home-brewer/soulmate with a deep love of all things saison. Idiosyncratic as we both are, this collab had to become a bit peculiar. And so it happened: we brewed a double grisette and fermented it with one of our favourite funky farmhouse blends. We added generous amounts of Saaz and our favourite house barrel did the rest.
Water, water everywhere and only this funky, woody, fruity goodness to drink.